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DieHard Disciples

Our  parish, under the excellent guidance of Music Director Terry Sivers, has an all youth band called the “Diehard Disciples,” which was named several years ago by the founding teens  They play the music at all the  Youth/Confirmation Masses.  Any teen in grades 7-12 is invited to join.  Those is the Confirmation program are particularly encouraged to join since they will already be attending the Mass.
The band consists of vocalists, guitar players, flutists, a cello player, a trombone player, a clarinetist and violinists. We welcome anyone who plays these instruments, or another instrument, or sings, to join. Also, we are in need of a drummer.  We have a wonderful drum set on premise and would love to hear that being used. Those in the band are not forced to perform at all the Masses; they can try just one or attend all; there is no commitment required.
To perform at a Youth Mass, simply arrive at 10:10 the day of the Youth/Confirmation Mass and report to the choir area.  Mr. Sivers will take it from there.
If you would like to play the drums or an instrument not listed, please contact Dr. Joe ahead of time at: He will let Mr. Sivers know in advance so he can write the music for your instrument.
Teens, please use your God given talents to serve in the ministry of music. We have so  very many youth in the parish who could be wonderful additions to the band! Also, the music Mr. Sivers selects is not difficult to sing or play; so don’t be afraid you are not talented enough to be a part of the DHD.
Posted below are the dates of the Confirmation classes and Youth/Confirmation Masses for 2016/2017: