Bishop-Elect Douglas Lucia will be ordained and installed on August 8th.  It will be a great day for the Diocese of Syracuse as we welcome our 11th Bishop.  Until then, we continue to pray for “Robert, our Bishop” in the Eucharistic Prayer at Mass.  He is a successor to the Apostles and our link to the college of bishops; he is the source of the communion we share with all the Church.  That is also why we pray for “Francis, our Pope” at each Mass.  It is part of the unity that we enjoy in the Church.  The Church that is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic.

Keep Bishop-Elect Lucia in your prayers as he prepares to take on the awesome responsibility God has called him to and pray also for Bishop Cunningham as he adjusts to a new pace of life.  This transition is not unlike the one our parish faced two years ago.  Perhaps Bishop Cunningham is saying, “We are so lucky to have this young, good-looking, holy, new bishop.”