“One morning last week, before my morning cup of coffee, I was fighting to put a smile on my face, when I suddenly felt my spirits lift.  A short while later, a group came out of the Church and told me they had just prayed the Rosary for me.  Wow!  In case you ever wonder if prayer works, be sure that it does.  I felt it the love all week and I am sure your loved ones are feeling the effects of your many intercessory prayers.  As I looked over the Spiritual Bouquet – a very cool way to honor your priest – I found notes about prayers and sacrifices made for me.  I was so touched that you would thank God in this way, through prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament, Rosaries, sacrifices and service.  This is the type of thanksgiving that gives glory to God.  It also had an immediate effect on my life. I also thank you for the pictures with my cardboard double and the golf ball quotes.  These are fun ways to connect and now, rather than being mad when I am spraying my golf shots into the woods, I think of it as spreading the Gospel.  You are an amazing parish family, and I am very grateful to Our Lord that he has called me to serve you as pastor.  May others be drawn to the table of the Lord at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church and find the love and support they need in the journey of life.”  – Fr. O’Connor