An Important Announcement from Bishop Lucia regarding Chapter 11 Proceedings. Below the video and letter is a note from Father O’Connor.




A Note from Father O’Connor  Bishop Lucia has provided the video and letters above. Please give your attention to these resources. Note that as a sign of contrition, we are praying a Mass of Forgiveness this weekend.  Listen attentively to the prayers.  Perhaps more importantly, also give your attention to the large crucifix prominent in our worship space.  Consider the language we use to explain the mystery of the cross: the suffering Body of Christ, an innocent victim, Jesus pays the price for the sins of others. All of the Church, the Body of a Christ, suffers because of sin. All of the diocesan family has been affected by the sin and the scandal. When I return from World Youth Day, I will explain what impact this decision has on our parish, as a part of the diocesan family. In these days, please keep your eyes on the cross and pray for healing in the Church, the Body of Christ, our Diocesan family.