New York State is considering a change in law regarding physician-assisted suicide.

The debate is happening in the papers and online:

By using “Aid in Dying” and “End of Life Options” as the title of this position, we can be distracted by the clear fact that these laws are seeking to legalize actions that have the intention of ending of life…of killing.

We had a great discussion recently that included the discussion of using pain killers to alleviate pain.  While that action, may shorten one’s lifespan, that is no the intention.  The intention is pain relief.  That is different.

It is easy to be discouraged and think that your phone call or email will not matter, but look at what happened in Maryland this week:

a similar law did not pass because of the actions of church members and constituents.  Please let your voice be heard.  Steps can be taken on this page:

NYS Catholic Conference are active in the New York Alliance Against Assisted Suicide ( has excellent educational videos on that site (“Their Stories”) that are great. They are only a few minutes each.

Of course, we must continue to pray.  May Mary, Mother of Life, intercede for us!