(11/18) Last week we made a great jump to 50% of our goal. The lights look impressive as they stretch across the eaves of the Church and Gathering Space. We still have the rectory, garage, and Seton Center entrance to light up. It is going to look amazing! Countless strands of lights have been connected to reach the high peaks far from the power source. What a great image for the ways our dollars are stretched to support people and families far from our home and parish. The Hope Appeal network, including Catholic Charities, campus ministries, and schools carries our support and concern to those who need it most. Your donations bring light to darkness thanks to the connections we share in Christ. If you have not given to this year’s appeal, you can do so online here. Don’t forget to choose SEAS from the drop-down menu when donating.


(11/11)  As you know, the bulletin goes to print before we get our weekly update from the Hope Appeal office. There was a great jump these first three weeks: 9% to 19% to 35%. As you read this, the newest update has come in and more lights have been lit on the eaves of the church and gathering space. We are moving fast toward the Seton Center and the completion of our annual appeal!

If you have given, thank you. Try to pick out your individual light bulbs on the façade; it’s tough to do.

Rather than standing alone, each light shining brightly with those around it creates a powerful glow in the darkness. That’s who we are as Church; we make individual contributions and the world sees us as shining as one. If you have not given to this year’s appeal, please do so online here. Don’t forget to choose our parish from the drop-down menu when donating!