A Few Highlights from the Parish Mission

Thanks to Chris and Linda Padgett for all that they shared this week. Here are a few reminders. Healthy relationships must be grounded in freedom. Allow your family the freedom to be who they are, because comparing the inside of your family to the outside of other families is poison. Be sure to treat each other in dignity & respect. Especially in the way you speak about each other, because you will come to believe what you say even if “you were only joking.” Ground your family in the Sacramental Life of the Church, especially Confession and Communion. Self-Control must be exercised. When a disagreement arises, ask yourself, “Do I want be right or do I want to be holy?” Stay committed. Don’t sacrifice what you ultimately want for what you want in the moment.

The Padgetts also reminded us that healthy relationships rest on intentional decisions. Be sure the important relationships in your life are marked by these key characteristics: Communication. Most of the pain in family life comes from miscommunication, or no communication at all. Be sure to ask about and listen to what is going on in the lives of those closest to you. Forgiveness. When we are hurt, the mind is quick to come up with a sharp retaliation. Choose to forgive and align your will with that decision. Share your Bucket List. First of all, write down your dreams for the year – a bucket list of sorts. Share your aspirations with your spouse and family.   Take concrete steps together to achieve these goals during the year. Having shared goals enlivens relationships.