Anna Asks  Can you explain the Rite of Sending and Rite of Election?

When an adult seeks to be baptized, the Church is always looking for signs in that person’s life of God at work. When we see these signs in the person’s life, we can affirm that God has chosen them to be baptized. It is God who chooses. Election begins with God and is witnessed by the Church. To be elected means to be chosen by God to be the way God wants to act in the world now. It is one way God continues to be present in our world, and it is how the Church continues to proclaim God’s faithful presence to his people today.

On the First Sunday of Lent at St. EAS, we celebrate the Rite of Sending and later, at the Cathedral, the Rite Election. This rite is the turning point for those who are seeking to be baptized. It is when their months and years of preparation take the final turn because the Church recognizes that God has chosen them to be baptized at the next Easter Vigil. This rite propels them and the Church into the final preparations for the great Easter celebration.