Last week, the “sacramental year in review” stirred some good conversation.  It is important that we don’t simply take the stats lying down.  The decrease in sacramental statistics must be addressed.  The parish has already made some great strides in response to this.  The Children’s Liturgy of the Word has grown greatly in the past couple of years.  Young families are connecting with the parish.  The Adult Education programs are growing in popularity as are the men’s prayer group and women’s prayer and book club.  We have to learn the faith better if we are to share it with those who have fallen away.  The Engage program is available to provide you access to Word on Fire videos.  By receiving these emails, you have an easy way to connect with those not attending.  Simply forward the message to those you know have fallen away.  Side note… a forwarded email is received better when you make it personal.  Let them know why you thought of them when you saw the video.

YOU are the necessary link to the parish.  You must stay connected and committed to growing in your relationship with the Lord, and as you maintain connections with family and friends, keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to share the faith.  See the story of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s conversion in this week’s bulletin.  The faith of her friends brought her to the Catholic Church.  Who is God asking you to bear witness to?