The Loop is a hearing assistance system that is embedded in the floor and transmits a magnetic signal picked up by hearing aids equipped with telecoils (the “T” setting on a hearing aid). When the old carpet is removed this summer, we have the opportunity to place the loop in the floor of the Church. While you may not need this yet, it is a worthy investment in the future of our parish. As we invite others to join us and take a seat at the table of the Lord, we want to be sure that they can hear the Word being proclaimed. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was invited to the table by the Filicchis and it changed her life forever. Who knows who will meet the Lord at our parish and where their lives will go? Please prayerfully consider sponsoring a seat or two at the table. You can visit the website and donate online or by using the envelope and reply card provided in the parish mailing. Thank you for your generous support of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish!