This year’s Hope Appeal, the Annual Diocesan Campaign, has begun.  The video is below.

If you have given in the past, you will receive a mailing at home.  If you are a new giver this year, you can pick up an envelope in the Gathering Space.  You can also give online: (be sure to select our parish)

In his letter announcing the start of the campaign, Bishop Lucia writes, “Now more than ever, there are so many people in need of our services in a variety of ways. I invite you to join with me to help us reach out to our community in this time of uncertainty with the love and hope that only Christ can bring. Please know that 100% of your contribution goes only towards the needs stated for HOPE Appeal 2020 and outlined at

Each dollar you give is a light in the darkness that so many people are facing at this time in their lives.  In order to visualize the effect of our gifts, we are going to light up the parking lot here at St. EAS as we inch closer to our goal of $61,936.  We will put up a Christmas tree light for every dollar donated to this year’s Appeal.  Imagine the tree lined lot all lit up by mid-December.  What an impact each of our little contributions make when taken together!