Our parish goal for the 2021 Diocesan HOPE Appeal Campaign is $62,530.23. 

As with last year, after we reach that goal, all contributions are returned to the parish to support our efforts in evangelization, serving others, and ministry. There are many services the diocese provides to our parishes, schools, and to all Catholics that would be difficult for even the most prosperous parishes to undertake on their own. This includes support for educating seminarians, Catholic Charities, campus ministry, parishes and schools, formational ministries, pastoral assistance, evangelizing, and communications. When the goal of the HOPE Appeal is achieved, we ensure that these programs will receive the funding that is needed. It is important that we give intentionally. Rather than wait to see what is “left” in our budgets at the end of the year, give of your first fruits. Prayerfully consider the needs of others and stretch yourself, even to the point of sacrificing, for their needs.

When we are united as one body, the Church is at its best.